MEGURO river cherry blossom Copy of #shasinbu

開催日時 2011年4月3日(日曜日) 開催場所 東京都(天王洲)
開催日時 2011年4月9日(土曜日) 開催場所 東京都(中目黒)

Ume blossom in bloom before cherry blossom.

We enjoy viewing blossoms and eating dried plums and fruit liquor (plume brandy) (spirits flavored) with it , jam.

・There are some differences between prom and Sakura.

 Ume blossoms bloom directly from branch, but cherry blossoms bloom separate from branch.

 One Ume blossom bloom on one point branch,
 but several cherry blossoms bloom some blossoms on one point .

In early summer, most parts of Japan get visited by a rainy season, called tsuyu (or baiyu),
literally meaning "plum rain", because it coincides with the season of plums ripening.

MEGURO river cherry blossom viewing cruise at night.

It's getting warmer and warmer , the season of cherry blossoms are coming.

Last year , we got together under the cherry blossoms at NAKAMEGURO (TOKYO).
This year , we'll view it from the boat.

・DATE : April 3rd (SUN)

・Before cursing (optional)


•Hour : 4pm - 6m
      We'll buy some foods and drinks at convenience store.

•Cursing (Boat reserved)

•Meet @t : TENNOUZU, Yamatsubia Bridge (near TV TOKYO TENNOUZU studio)

•Hour : 6pm - 7:20 pm

•Fee : over 10 person ¥2,000 / person
      less 10 person divide ¥ 20,000 attendance

※ Please dress warm
※If it is rains , it will be chancel.

延長戦 中目黒、新宿.