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We're using twitter for making next photo section plane or uploading pictures about daily life.
"hash tag" is a one of the official function on the twitter.

It can make a group of tweet with using "#" and letter of the alphabet.
For example, If you search "prayforjapan" on twitter, you can find tweets with hash tag.

Why do people use twitter all over the world?
I guess we want to have mild relationships with others.
When I was touched or moved, I want to tell something.
When I was sad or mad, I want to someone to listen to it.

When national disaster happened telephone line didn't work,
but I could send messages or tweet from mobile phone.

I could get any information from tweets,
for example rolling power outage or expected arrival time of trains.

寫眞部のハッシュタグは #shasinbu または #寫眞部です。


熱く語った夜。 2010年5月30日 19:46:50

androidアプリに関する事。the world as the palette.  quantum leap.
perspective => eyes => telescope => observatory=> Hubble space telescope => voyager 1